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Outsource your daily expired listing research to an experienced provider at a fixed monthly rate

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What We Do

We Provide Low-cost Virtual Assistant at Convenient Time-Zones

At ExpiredListingOutsource, we provide low-cost outsourced virtual assistants located at convenient time zones, who do your daily real estate expired listings research while you are sleeping. The virtual assistant accesses your MLS, obtains the daily expired listing, checks the county property tax records to identify the property-owners, obtains the corresponding contact info (telephone and address) of the property owners and crosschecks the telephone numbers against the DNC (DoNotCall) registry, if required. The daily expired listing with property info and property owner contact info is delivered by download from our site daily by 7:30AM (your local time) Mondays through Fridays, or by upload to any desired client relationship management application (CRM).

We also research for For Sale by Owner (FSBO) for your area of coverage and deliver them daily

Enabling you to beat your competition & Grow Your Business

Our service gives you a time advantage over your competitors. While your competition is just starting their daily expired listing at 8am you are already contacting the relevant property owner, using info received by 7.30am. Our clients leverage this advantage to grow their business faster than their competitors.

Subscription Plans

We have a single subscription plans of $280 per month for the provision of expireds and for sale by owner leads:


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